Student Assistance Team

The Abington Heights School District has two Student Assistance Programs that are supported by the Board of School Directors’ resolution of 1988 to address the needs of students. These support teams are members of PASAP. PASAP is an association of school and community-based program specialists organized to meet the needs of Pennsylvania youth for education, prevention, intervention, referral, and support services in the area of at-risk behaviors affecting mental health and wellness. Alcohol and other drug related problems are a major focus of these support teams. One Student Assistance Program (SAP) exists at the Abington Heights High School; and the other program is called MAP (Middle Assistance Program) for Middle School students. Members of the Student Support Teams are trained through the Pennsylvania Department of Education with the primary purpose of helping students and parents resolve adolescent problems.

The Student Assistance Program Teams (SAP) (MAP) are intervention programs staffed by teachers, guidance counselors, nursing staff, administrators and members from appropriate community agencies. (Lackawanna County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Scranton Counseling.) The Middle School and High School teams are trained to identify and refer high-risk students to appropriate treatment.

High-risk concerns: Include, but not limited to, substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, suicide prevention, pregnancy or depression.

Referrals: Referrals may come from another student, parent, teacher, counselor or administrator and will be kept strictly confidential. If there is a concern for the physical or emotional well-being of a student, contact a member of the “SAP" "MAP" Teams. Parents will be contacted and informed of the concerns and will be offered necessary services to help deal with the problem. Referrals can be made on forms found in the main office or guidance office or sent through email.

  • To make an email referral for a High School student, send an email to either Mrs. Cindy Copley, Mr. James Becchetti, or Mrs. Jessica Ferretti. Please include the name of the student, grade level and a description of the concern.

  • To make an email referral for a Middle School student, send an email to Mrs. Tina Santaniello or fill out this form. Please include the name of the student, grade level and a description of the concern.

Team Interventions: Formal interventions may take place for the benefit of the student, their families and the school community. The goal of an intervention is to encourage the student and family to seek further assistance for the problems that face them. By relaying observable behaviors to the parties involved, the Student Support Teams hope to assist families with these difficult decisions.

Meetings of the “SAP” "MAP" Core Teams are held each week. Students with referrals are identified and the network system of the school, home and community is initiated. Strict confidentiality is upheld.

High School Student Assistance Program: If you have any questions about the High School Student Assistance Program, email Cindy Copley

Middle School Student Assistance Program: If you have any questions about the Middle School Assistance Program, email Tina Santaniello 

Assisting Agencies with Confidential Services:

Drug & Alcohol Commission Hot Line: (570) 961-1234

Lackawanna County Commission on Drug & Alcohol Abuse: (570) 963-6820

Scranton Counseling Center Hot Line: (570) 348-6100

Lackawanna County Bureau of Children & Youth Services: (570) 963-6781

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (DATS): (570) 961-1997 

Women's Resource Center: (570) 346-4671

Children & Youth Services: (570) 963-6781

Planned Parenthood & HIV Testing: (570) 344-2626